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Seaweed sustainability index

We are developing the first multidisciplinary composite indicator designed to establish international quality norms in the seaweed value chain. Drawing on the “comply or explain” model of the financial industry, the index is composed of core mandatory principles and five recommended pillars (on which the farms are assessed).


In addition to the annual verification mechanisms occurring in each farm, biannual meetings of an international and multi-sectoral Steering Committee will be held in order to ensure that the index remains a dynamic tool, capable of adapting to the latest regulatory and socio-economic trends in the industry.

Workshops & training

Information is key to turning potential into actual profit. The scarcity of data and quality analytical content currently hampers the development of the seaweed sector.

Seaweed First realizes that addressing this shortcoming will greatly improve the transparency and efficiency of the seaweed value-chain.To answer to this need, Seaweed First provides tailored training and advisory expertise to help businesses, investors and governments to develop their seaweed strategies. 


Investor workshop: There is a lot of hype around seaweed and it becomes hard to separate truth from dreams. In this workshop, we will go back to the basics and give you a real portrait of the industry and see where lie the real opportunities.

Industry workshop: Seaweed can be an attractive product. In this workshop you will learn about how seaweed can be used in your value chain and how you can start integrating seaweed in your own business.

Data-driven insights & reports

Despite being in an evermore connected world, finding reliable information can be complicated. 

This can be more relevant when you are looking into a niche market such as seaweed. 

Knowledge gaps can considerably slow down the growth rate of a sector as interested parties are cautious to penetrate a market without a clear strategy. Seaweed First wants to provide these new stakeholders with the data that will help them enter the market more securely.

Case studies

Aerial view of Lisbon cityscape, Lisbon, Portugal

UNOC 2022

Seaweed First has the honor of participating in the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon where we presented our work and create new partnership opportunities for our Seaweed Sustainability Index.



Following a micro-algae pollution off the coast, Seaweed First organized a workshop where people could learn more about seaweed and show how seaweed could help make Biarritz’s coast cleaner.


Groupe Rosa

This French textile group was interested in seeing how seaweed could be integrated in a corporate strategy in order to reach carbon neutrality. 

We built a one-hour workshop to work on this topic with their employees.

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