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Seaweed First partnered with seaweed projects around the world that share our vision of excellence. Together we will work on improving quality, traceability, community resilience and environmental impact.




Brittany has been the leading French region in seaweed cultivation. Seaweed has been anchored in local culture for several centuries. Today, with the support of innovative start-ups and renown research centers, Brittany is one of the leading European seaweed regions. 


Species: Brown Seaweed (Saccharina latissima,

Undaria Pinnatifida)


0 ha



This farm is dedicated to position kelp as a key ingredient in BC. Their commitment to capturing carbon, helping native communities and raising awareness on seaweed as been very beneficial for the region.

The well protected inlets and islands are ideals for kelp farming. This project includes Native American know how and skills. 


Species: Brown seaweed (Sacharina Latissima, Alaria Marginata)

0 ha



Small town at the very top of Tunisia, Bizerte is an ideal place for seaweed farming thanks to its protected coastline.

Tunisia is still a small player in the North African seaweed business, compared to its neighbors. Nonetheless, new projects are showing promising results.

Project duration: 6 months

Species: Red seaweed (Gracilaria Verrucosa)

0 ha



This Northern part of Mozambique’s coastline harbors large bays and protected areas, making it an ideal location for seaweed production. 

The farm is new and looking to work closely with the coastal communities in order to create a viable economic model. In addition to planting seaweed, they are looking to build schools, factories and a reliable water supply.


Project duration: 6 months

Species: Red seaweed (Kappaphycus Alvarezii)

0 ha



Maine is an ideal place for seaweed cultivation with the numerous bays and protected areas. 

This farm is working with local communities and fishermen in order to create a circular economy around seaweed. They are also interested in using seaweed to restore the coastline and capture carbon.


Species: Brown seaweed (Saccharina angustissima, Saccharina latissima)

0 ha
Tanzania seaweed



This area is not only known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Tanzania is home to a flourishing seaweed industry, where women have a strong role to play. 

This farm has a strong connection with the local communities, and are looking to make seaweed a sustainable business that will benefit people and planet.


Species: Brown seaweed (Kappaphycus Alvarezii, Eucheuma Spinosum)

0 ha



Even at the far reaches of the World, Australia has become a key actor in seaweed production. This farm is based on land, and is focused on producing quality seaweed and extracting high-value ingredients for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food applications. 


Species: Green seaweed (Ulva Lactuta)

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