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Seaweed for a more Sustainable Profitable Equitable future

Powering the seaweed transition

Our oceans are hurting, as are millions of people in climate-vulnerable coastal communities. Seaweed offers a solution to these challenges but industry growth is being slowed down by a lack of reliable data and trusted standards.

That’s why Seaweed First exists.

We are a non-profit think tank focused on delivering actionable intelligence for an impactful and scalable seaweed industry.

seaweed gold
Alliga seaweed forest

On a mission to unlock the potential of the seaweed industry using data analytics

Our impact

There is nine times more seaweed in the oceans than trees on land. Our mission is to unlock its potential for:

Value creation

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Seaweed is a valuable and versatile material with applications in a myriad industries such as food, agriculture, biomaterials, cosmetics, health, and energy.
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Ocean regeneration

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Seaweed is key to preserving ocean health, acting as nursery, filter for excess nutrients and a potential carbon sink.
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Community advancement

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Cultivating seaweed can be highly beneficial for coastal communities, providing well-paid, long-term jobs and lessening the over-reliance on mass tourism.
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Women's empowerment

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The seaweed industry can provide safe and stable employment to many women, having a cascade of positive effects on the community.
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Our ambassadors

Our ecosystem

We are proud to be working with these partners in building a stronger and regenerative seaweed industry.

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