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Our inspiration

Best arguments in the world won’t change a person’s mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.

The problem

A planet losing its bearings

For years, Seaweed First has been deeply entrenched in the blue economy, recognizing its untapped potential for growth and sustainability. Yet, we encountered a pervasive issue: the ocean’s role in our lives and its broader ecological importance remained obscure to many of our peers and clients.

While 80% of youth are troubled by climate change, a mere 22% grasp the ocean’s critical role in climate regulation, underscoring an alarming awareness gap.

The digital age has led to an inundation of information, yet its presentation is often uninspiring, leaving the next generation overwhelmed rather than engaged.

Oceanic education is scarce within traditional learning environments, with insufficient coverage in high school and university curricula, preventing young people from recognizing the ocean’s relevance to their futures.

The absence of positive role models focusing on proactive ocean stewardship leaves youth without tangible examples of how to become part of the solution.

The paradigm

Technology isn't always the answer

In the current landscape, there is an intense focus on developing technological solutions and reducing environmental impact through metrics. This technocentric approach inadvertently sidelines the human element—the very essence of change. Humans can be dynamic agents of change when provided with the right tools and narratives. Current strategies often push for stricter environmental legislation without adequately communicating the stakes or illustrating how each individual can meaningfully contribute to these changes.

The opportunity

Awakening our passion for the ocean

Awakening a collective, impactful movement towards ocean preservation requires us to fundamentally rethink how we communicate about our oceans. It’s not merely about raising awareness in a conventional sense; it’s about harnessing and presenting data in a way that inspires positive action and drives meaningful change. This approach involves moving beyond alarming statistics and doomsday scenarios, focusing instead on empowering narratives that highlight achievable solutions and the tangible impact of individual and collective actions. By strategically using data to tell a story of possibility and progress, we can motivate a broader audience to engage with ocean conservation not just as a distant or overwhelming issue, but as a tangible, urgent cause where their contribution can make a real difference.

Our origin

Steering Toward Ocean Stewardship

Seaweed First emerged in 2021 from the critical need to bridge the gap between the potential of the ocean and the public’s understanding of it. We are driven to help businesses and individuals untangle the complexities of ocean-related issues and find their own path to action. Our goal is to illuminate these paths, fostering a community of knowledgeable stewards who are equipped to champion the health and vitality of our oceans. By providing the right education and tools, we can transform concern into commitment, guiding a new wave of guardians to preserve the lifeblood of our planet.

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