Voice of the ocean

Naïa’s journey is a thrilling quest to reconcile human
activities with oceanic health. Her travels bring her face-to-face
with remarkable individuals and impart valuable insights,
motivating young individuals to partake in environmental

Our First Book

Panic in Pelagos

In a small French port, at the heart of the Pelagos
Sanctuary, a dolphin is found dead on a beach, entangled  in barbed wire with its flank mutilated, bearing the letters “MIAM”.
The young globetrotter Naïa and her friend Octave, a
marine biologist, attempt to solve the mystery of this
tragedy in an area  designated for the  conservation of

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Naïa, an aspiring journalist from French Polynesia, aspires to explore the globe, seeking solutions to the climate crises affecting her homeland. 


Octave is Naïa’s best friend that she met during her studies in Paris.  He works as a scientist in a big French marine institute. 

our partners

Our partners have helped us in collecting reliable sources, developing content and spreading our message to help Naïa make a global impact. 

Large blue bioeconomy network organizing annual business events.
French production & digital technology company.
French university based near Nice.
French non-profit creating a network of young ocean ambassadors to help children in schools learn more about the ocean.
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