We simplify ocean knowledge

80% of youth are concerned about climate change and its effects on ocean. However, only 22% are aware of the role ocean plays in mitigation. These numbers underline how little people know about our ocean. Seaweed First aims to bridge that gap and allow them to become ocean stewards.

What we do

Team-building workshops

We provide action-driven exercises for business schools and corporates with the objective of helping people understand how all ocean topics are linked and how business can support ocean conservation.

Market research

Information is key to turning potential into actual profit. The scarcity of data and quality analytical content currently hampers the understanding of ocean topics and disabling them from taking action.

Educational content

Interactive tools that engage the users and demystify complex ocean topics.

Seaweed Sustainability Index

We are developing the first multidisciplinary composite indicator designed to establish international quality norms in the seaweed value chain. Drawing on the “comply or explain” model of the financial industry, the index is composed of core mandatory principles and five recommended pillars (on which the farms are assessed).

We aim to inspire and create positive change for the ocean.

Key projects

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UNOC 2022 (Lisbon)

Seaweed First has the honor of participating in the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon where we presented our work and create new partnership opportunities for our Seaweed Sustainability Index.

Seaweed Around the Clock

This global online 24-hour telethon for seaweed aimed to raise awareness on seaweed and connect seaweed stakeholders internationally.

Seaweed Sustainability Index

We're creating the inaugural multidisciplinary composite indicator to set global quality standards for the seaweed value chain, utilizing a "comply or explain" approach with mandatory principles and five recommended assessment pillars.

EU Blue BioEconomy Report

Our team co-wrote the seaweed chapter on this report with a special focus on sargassum and social licence to operate (SLOs).

Basque seaweed strategy

Following a micro-algae pollution off the coast, Seaweed First organized a workshop where people could learn more about seaweed and show how seaweed could help make Biarritz's coast cleaner.

Naïa, Voice of the Ocean

We are developing a digital comic book focused on raising awareness on various ocean topics and connecting readers to actors in the field.

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